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In order to ensure the safety of staff and equipment during the extension of 12102 fully mechanized mining face and the initial mining, and ensure the smooth stop of all tasks during the period, this method is specially adopted. All homework staff must strictly implement this Enron technical method

1. Construction outline

12102 fully mechanized mining task face is located in panel 1 of coal seam 12. The elevation of coal seam floor is 1186 ~ 1202m, the coal thickness is 0.7 ~ 2.15m, the uniform coal thickness is 1.68m, and the design mining height is 1.9m. This surface is a "knife handle" task surface, with a length of 220m and a pushing length of 392.6m (306m has been pushed on October 19, and 87m is left); The task surface is 350m long and the pushing length is 205.6m

the shearer adopts joy 7ls1a coal machine, with a cutting depth of 1m, a drum diameter of 1.5m, and a mining height range of 1.5 ~ 3.3m; The support adopts Poland tower high kopexs two column protective support, the task resistance is 2*5330kn, the support height is 1.13 ~ 2.23m, the sliding travel is 1.0m, the total number of task surface is 130, and the total number of tower height support when the device surface is 75, a total of 205; The third machine adopts Shendong reform Zhangjiakou 2 1000kW conveyor and supporting 375kw/1140v transfer machine and 375kw/1140v rupture machine; The pump station is equipped with German kamat seven pump three box 4 315KW pump station

2. Risk assessment

1. After the task surface is pushed for 20m, the roof does not collapse directly, and the gun is held fast between frames. 2. Push the staff for 30m to be on alert. Paul McEuen guaranteed the support quality; 3. Try to add staff to the task

strictly implement the system of knocking on the side and asking for the top track; Delay the reinforcement of track timber; Choose a good retreat before dismantling the monomer; When the monomer is slightly unloaded, the operation shall be restrained and the roof condition shall be observed; When unloading the monomer, it is found that the roof is seriously separated from the layer, and when it sinks, the operation is restrained, and the monomer is pulled down by the guide chain

when the track is laid out, it is paved and padded, the track clamping plate is meshed and clamped normally, the bolts are fastened reliably without missing, the specifications are different and match, and the rusted bolts shall not be used

1. The team leader is responsible for all the tasks during the face-to-face period, including staff organization, external coordination and sameness, and the planning and placement of all tasks and tasks

2. Song Wei and song Yuliang are mainly responsible for the tasks of transformation and perfection, as well as the tasks of on-site Enron and instructions

3. Ren Zhigang and Cong Wenguo are mainly responsible for the early preparation tasks such as winch setting and track laying, as well as the on-site safety and instruction tasks

4. Chen Junyi is mainly responsible for methods, designing zigzag tracks, supervising the support of transition monorail anchor rods, etc

5. Sun Jinzhong is mainly responsible for leading the staff of the production team to move the track, pave the road, hang a monorail crane and complete the transfer and transformation of trains, as well as on-site safety and instructions

4. Face adding scheme

the fully mechanized face is planned to be promoted to the face adding position at 4:00 on November 5, 2014. It is planned to act as the face adding in the middle of the production service on November, when the day is the perfect task face of our team, and it is planned to produce normally on November 16

3. Processing of track and monorail crane (completed)

12103 method Lane processing a set of transition monorail crane (12m), processing transition track (12m)

4. Track laying (completed)

12103 after laying the zigzag track, the comprehensive mining team will guide the construction of the concrete floor on site

5. Change the water supply power supply

connect the 660V Power Supply from the 30 switch of the motor chamber as the standby drainage power supply of the task surface

1. In the 12103 method lane, the track is laid 130m away from the main slope, 3.4m away from the main slope, supporting the monorail crane anchor rod, and hanging the monorail crane 50m

2. Lay the transition track in 12103 method lane and hang the transition monorail crane at the same time. The zigzag radius is 16m, the zigzag angle is 135, and the zigzag section is 12m long

3. According to the position relationship of the roadway monorail crane, the minimum safe interval of the monorail lifting distance is 0.6m

4. Monorail anchor rod φ The exposed length of 18*1800mm ribbed steel anchor rod shall be maintained between 50 ~ 200mm according to the fluctuation of roadway roof, and the anchoring force shall reach 5.0t. The thickness of torque sample is 0.038 mm and less than 100N m。

5. In order to facilitate the pulling, shifting and transformation, the angle of the auxiliary side of the 12103 roadway shall not be less than 1*1m, and the complementary support method shall be adopted for the top side

5. Enron technical measures

1. All employees must learn this method before homework

2. The leader and the sub leader should really pay attention to the tasks of on-site safe production, equipment hidden danger investigation, personal protection inspection and so on; Technicians should do a good job in staff training, production technology management and production organization; All employees work together to implement the initial Enron technology measures on the site, and eliminate the occurrence of roof accidents and supports being crushed to death when they are pressed

3. Before the top plate of the task surface collapses, there must be a team leader in each shift, and the leader of the leader must be responsible for the staff of the shift safely

4. The main sub team leader on duty is responsible for checking the roof and coal wall of the goaf to change the environment, and timely remind the task staff to pay attention to the hurricane caused by the collapse of the goaf

5. When entering the task site, the staff of each shift must enter a high degree of prevention and preparedness, and observe the surrounding task environment and walking routes. Since the environment has changed, the staff of each post must adopt measures nearby to prevent the hurricane

6. Before the production of each shift, the leader and sub leader should reduce the number of staff as much as possible according to the actual environment of the shift, minimize the number of staff entering the task surface, and add parallel homework. In addition, non production staff are strictly prohibited from entering the task surface during production

7. Check the concentration environment of CH4, CO and O2 at least twice per shift. If any abnormality is found, the operation must be stopped immediately and reported to the mine dispatching room

(II) on site Enron technology method

1. This task face is driven along the top and bottom cutting according to the mining height of 1.9m, and the two ends are properly cut and transitioned according to the groove and bottom cutting environment

2. After the task surface is pushed for 20m, if the direct roof does not collapse or the collapse height is small, it is necessary to stop in front of the scaffold or at the end. Huaibei City should make efforts to promote the development of ceramic aluminum new material industry at multiple points (according to the actual environment, another method of Enron Technology). After the top is forced to collapse, the sustainable production can be carried out, and the staff will not be evacuated without permission

3. After the task surface is pushed for 20m, the homework staff will be reminded to pay attention to the hurricane injury caused by the collapse of the old roof before each shift. The leader of each shift should observe the pressure on Pm32 at any time and change the environment. If he finds that the pressure rises sharply and the old roof shows signs of collapse, he must call back the alarm to the homework staff through public address

4. The control desk driver stops the machine immediately after hearing the alarm. After hearing the alarm, the staff on the task face must squat down on the spot and grasp the solid objects around. After the hurricane with the roof falling stops and the leader and the leader take back the instructions, they can stop their work

5. Strengthen the underground pressure measurement task during the initial mining period, take Pm32 support to collect visual monitoring, stop monitoring in time, and stop analyzing according to the pressure display data. The on-site staff should observe the pressure environment of Pm32 and pressure gauge in time, and stop key management and control of the abnormal pressure change area according to the pressure change environment

6. The mining height is controlled at 1.9m. The coal machinery company secretly has a high heart and a serious attitude to the task, ensuring that the engineering quality of the task surface reaches "three straights and two levels"

7. Ensure that the initial support force of the support is not less than 252bar, move the support in time and connect the top carefully, so as to facilitate the protection of the top plate and prevent the hurricane damage equipment caused by the collapse of the top plate

8. When multiple Enron valves continue to open, the support will not break in this experiment because most thermoplastic materials. The worker should immediately report to the main team. After receiving the report, the main sub team immediately stopped confirming. After confirmation, report to the mine dispatching room immediately. After receiving the report, the mine dispatching room immediately told the mine duty leader. The leader on duty decides whether to stop the production of the task surface and evacuate the task staff according to the scope and severity of the pressure

9. The scaffolder shall stop comparing the pressure value on the column pressure gauge with the pressure value on Pm32. If it is found that there is a large difference between the two, the scaffolder must timely tell the leader of the main sub team to stop handling, and ensure that the scaffolds reach the initial support force and the roof is firmly connected

10. Strengthen the inspection task of the equipment on the task surface to ensure that the equipment is in perfect condition

11. During the inspection of the inspection team, the shearer must stop at 15m away from the head, lower the drum to the bottom plate, level the two drums, and properly pull back the scraper of the coal machine body, so that the coal machine body and scraper have a certain degree of freedom of movement, so as to prevent the large-scale collapse of the main roof from hitting and damaging the coal machine

12. If there is a roof fall, when the height of the roof fall reaches 300mm, the frame must be pulled in advance in time to prevent the expansion of the roof fall range

13. Strengthen the quality of the end of the task face. For the advance support section within 20m from the coal wall of the task face, support the monomer according to the requirements of the regulations

14. Strengthen the task of pumping and drainage on the task surface to ensure that the drainage system operates normally and reliably. In the production process, the water in the task area should be pumped and drained in time

15. The on-site homework staff should pay close attention to the water gushing in the goaf and the water pouring on the roof to change the environment, report and complain to the mine dispatching room in time in case of abnormalities, and adopt effective methods to stop the drainage task according to the on-site environment

16. After the task surface is pushed (20m from the cutting hole), the staff will be prompted to pay attention to the hurricane caused by roof collapse before each shift

17. According to the initial pressure environment of the main roof of 12101 task plane, the direct roof slowly collapses from the middle to both ends when pushed to 11m, and completely collapses when pushed to 14m, and then pushes to the initial pressure of M section

18. After the task surface comes under pressure, immediately report to the coordination room, and the coordination room will place ventilation teams, safety management office, production office and other staff to check the surrounding roadway environment, ventilation measures, and the safe environment of the surrounding scattered family members

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