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Safety requirements for steel bar welding

1) before the welding machine is often used in work, it is necessary to check the electrical equipment, operating mechanism and cooling system, and use a test pencil to check whether there is leakage in the body shell

2) the welding machine should be placed indoors and in a dry place, the machine body should be stable and firm, and inflammables are not allowed to be placed around. 1 zigzag experiment

3) when operating, the operator should wear protective glasses, gloves and other protective articles, and should stand on the rubber plate or wooden board. It is strictly forbidden to sit on the metal chair

4) before welding, the voltage should be adjusted according to the cross-section of the experimental machine based on neuron adaptive control system, so as to adapt to the cross-section of the welded reinforcement. It is forbidden to weld reinforcement exceeding the diameter specified by the machine. If leakage is found at the welding head, it should be replaced immediately and it is forbidden to use

5) the contact point and electrode (steel head) of the circuit breaker of the butt welding machine should be checked and repaired regularly. The contact point of the circuit breaker shall be wiped with sandpaper every 2 ~ 3180 degrees for D days, and the electrode (steel head) shall be filed regularly. All bolts of the secondary circuit should be tightened regularly to avoid overheating. Pay attention at any time that the temperature of cooling water shall not exceed 40 ℃

6) when welding long reinforcement, support shall be set

7) the steel just welded should be placed straight to avoid deformation during cooling. The stacking place shall not be near inflammables, and the place where no one comes or goes shall be selected or guardrails shall be added

8) the work shed shall be set up with fireproof materials. Inflammable and explosive materials are strictly prohibited to be stacked in the shed, and fire-fighting equipment shall be provided

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