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Safety rules for steel structure hoisting

I. compilation basis

the compilation basis of the implementation rules for safety supervision of this project: the regulations of the State Council on the administration of safe production of construction projects, the regulations of Shanghai on the work of safety supervision of construction projects, and the construction organization design of the steel roof project of this project prepared by the professional subcontractor

II. Project overview

the gymnasium is located in the park of Songjiang University Town in Shanghai, north of Wenxiang road and south of Zhangjiabang river. It has a building area of 28767m2 and five floors. It has 8000 gymnasiums, with a building grade of grade I and a fire prevention grade of grade I, and a total height of 34.7 meters The top view is elliptical The steel structure roof of the gymnasium is composed of two inverted triangles, a main truss with a north-south span of about 126 meters, 34 steel columns around and the connecting rod between the steel column and the main truss. It is symmetrically arranged from east to west. The highest elevation of the truss is 31 meters, and the total weight of the steel structure is about 1200 tons

the main truss is a spatial structure pipe truss, with a bearing distance of 126.133 meters. The weight of a single main truss is about 180 tons. The upper and lower chords adopt the form of curved circular tubes, the upper chord adopts 71120, the lower chord adopts 71130, and the webs of the upper and lower chords are circular tubes, 2738 and 4068

the project adopts the structural form formed by the large-span inverted triangular main truss and connecting rod. The long-span main truss and connecting rod steel columns are interdependent. The main truss with a span of 126 meters has simple lines and novel shapes

one 150 ton crawler crane, one 50 ton truck crane and one 25 ton truck crane are selected for hoisting operation. 20 electric current welding machines are selected for welding operation, and oxygen acetylene is selected for gas cutting operation. A welding machine room, oxygen cylinder storage warehouse and acetylene cylinder storage warehouse are arranged on site

III. key points for safety supervision and monitoring of steel roof hoisting

the construction site of the gymnasium steel roof project of the project, transportation and loading and unloading of steel structural members, on-site assembly and welding, hoisting and high-altitude welding operations, steel support fabrication in place, unloading and other construction operations are the key points for monitoring, Formulate the list of corresponding monitoring measures:

list of safety supervision implementation measures

Project Name: Songjiang University City shared area phase I gymnasium steel roof project construction general contracting: Shanghai No.4 construction professional subcontracting: Southeast frame company supervision unit: Shanghai Tongji supervision company

construction time: more than 20, there is oil contamination on the pallet 06.11.16~2006.12.20 safety quality objective: no casualties, no damage accidents, and the acceptance is qualified at one time

serial number directory of construction difficulties safety supervision implementation measures

1 review the hoisting scheme of the steel roof of the gymnasium, review whether the hoisting procedures in the scheme, the selection of cranes, welding operations, steel support fabrication and other key parts are reasonable and safe, convene a special meeting to review the scheme

2 verify the licenses of construction personnel entering the site, and review whether the licenses of electricians, lifting commanders, welders, crane drivers and other special operators among the construction personnel entering the site are complete Whether the actual operators are consistent with the list

3 verification of Mobilization Construction machinery and instruments review of mobilization truck crane, crawler crane, electric welding machine, oxygen acetylene, theodolite, level gauge, total station, manual tool inspection certificate, certificate of conformity, etc.

4 safety technical disclosure of mobilization construction personnel, supervise and urge the construction general contractor and professional subcontractor to make various safety technical disclosure to construction personnel, and have written records

5 assembly, hoisting Safety patrol during welding operation 1. Check the wearing condition of safety protection articles of construction personnel; 2. Check the safety and fire prevention facilities of assembly, hoisting and welding operations; 3. Check the preparation of cranes, personnel and tools for hoisting operations; 4. Check various protective facilities on the construction site, especially high-altitude operation; 5. Check the implementation of various safety technical disclosure before construction

IV. safe operation of automobile lifting machinery

automobile drivers must work with certificates and strictly abide by the general provisions of lifting machinery operation. During work:

1. Do not drive with load or lift without putting down the outriggers. Before working on an uneven site, the site should be leveled first, and the extension of the outrigger should be completed before the lifting of the boom. Hardwood blocks should be padded under the outrigger. When the fulcrum is uneven, the skid should be increased to adjust the height, so as to maintain the level of the fuselage

2. After the overweight work is completed, the stabilizer must be sent away and the four outriggers must be returned to the original position before the test of various physical and mechanical properties of plastic film, rubber, wire and cable, steel, glass fiber and other materials is driven for material development. A 50mm thick rubber block is required when the jib rests on the bracket. When the hook is hung at the front of the car, the steel wire rope should not be too tight

3. In case of faults during work, the causes shall be found out and eliminated in the specified order. If I can't eliminate it, I should apply for repair in time

4. Before operation, check that there are no obstacles within 50cm from the tail

5. Relevant safety regulations such as "ten no lifting" must be observed during operation

v. safe operation of welders

1. During operation, welders should wear welding work clothes, insulating shoes, welding gloves, protective masks and other safety protective articles, and wear safety belts when working at heights

2. Electric welding and gas cutting shall strictly comply with the ten non burning procedures

3. Before operation, check whether all tools, welding machines, power switches and lines are in good condition. The metal shell should be safely and reliably grounded or connected to neutral. The incoming and outgoing lines should have a complete protective cover, and the incoming and outgoing lines should be firmly welded with copper joints. The secondary side is equipped with no-load step-down protection device

4. Each electric welding machine shall adopt automatic air switch. The fuse capacity of the switch should be 1.5 times that of the machine. It is strictly forbidden to replace the fuse with other metal wires. After completion, cut off the power supply

5. The arc spark point of electric welding must be no less than 10m away from oxygen cylinders, acetylene cylinders, wood, oil and other dangerous substances. The distance from explosives shall not be less than 20m

6. Acetylene cylinders and oxygen cylinders should be equipped with safety flashback preventers, and the rubber tube connections must be fixed with special ties

7. Oxygen cylinders, greasy clothes, gloves, etc. shall be strictly prevented from contacting with oxygen cylinders, pressure reducing valves, and oxygen hoses

8. When removing the welding slag, the face should not be facing the weld to prevent the welding slag from splashing into the eyes

9. Regularly check whether the rib at the head of the oxygen cylinder and the pressure reducing valve is slippery, whether the rubber tube leaks, and whether the welding and cutting torch mouth and torch body are not blocked

10. Pay attention to the safe use of electricity, do not drag and pull wires randomly, and the power lines should be tied up overhead

11. Fire prevention measures should be taken around and below the welding and cutting points, and special personnel should be appointed to monitor the fire prevention

VI. steel structure

1. When the profiled steel plate for pouring slab building is not set after the installation of columns and beams, in order to facilitate the construction of column bolts, it is necessary to lay an appropriate number of walkway boards and protective facilities on the steel beams

2. In order to prevent safety accidents caused by falling or flying out of personnel, materials and tools during steel structure hoisting, it is necessary to lay safety. The safety plane is set at 2m above the beam surface. When the floor height is less than 4.5m, the safety plane can be set at an interval. The safety plan is required to be fully paved within the building plane. It is laid vertically on the periphery of the building to prevent people and objects from flying out and causing safety accidents. The height of vertical laying is generally the height of two sections of columns, which should be fully enclosed

3. In order to facilitate the construction of the connecting column, an operation platform should be set at the connecting column. There is an operation line around the platform. The temperature rise and fall speed (average speed every 5 minutes) is 1/2 of the average temperature rise and fall speed in the whole process, which is used as a personal protective ring or guardrail device for personnel. The platform is fixed at the height of the lower column

4. A platform for storing electric welding machine, air compressor, oxygen cylinder, acetylene cylinder and other equipment shall be set on the steel beam just installed. The rotation distance shall comply with the relevant provisions of safety production

5. In order to facilitate the construction and climbing, the high steel ladder should be fixed on the steel column before hoisting the column. In order to facilitate the solid high-strength bolts and welding of the column beam joints, it is necessary to install the hanging basket scaffold under the quality assurance point of Jinan assaying machine at the column beam section

6. All electric machinery and equipment used in construction must be grounded or connected to zero, and secondary leakage protection must be implemented. Damaged wires and cables are absolutely not allowed to be used to prevent equipment leakage. The power supply of construction electrical equipment and machinery must be concentrated together and raised section by section with the construction of the floor. Distribution boxes shall be set on each floor to supply power for the construction of each floor

7. In case of strong wind above level 6, thunderstorm and fog, outdoor lifting and high-altitude operation shall be suspended

8. During construction, attention should also be paid to fire prevention, and necessary fire extinguishing equipment and fire prevention supervisors should be provided

VII. Organization and division of labor of on-site supervisors

steel structure hoisting site: Safety Supervisor: Yang Zhiyong

Quality Supervisor: Sun Zhiliang, Tan Zhenggang

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