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Tietuo promotes the construction and upgrading of remote assistance diagnosis system after-sales service

tietuo promotes the construction and upgrading of remote assistance diagnosis system after-sales service

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in recent years, the competition in the construction machinery market has become increasingly fierce. In order to expand more market share, engineering machinery enterprises actively improve the after-sales service system. In order to improve the after-sales service, tietuo machinery independently developed a remote assistance diagnosis system, which can remotely monitor the operation of the equipment and feed back the real-time situation to the enterprise service center, so as to make the after-sales service efficient and convenient

compared with metal manufacturing, it has excellent comprehensive performance. The remote monitoring and diagnosis technology of tietuo mechanical asphalt mixing plant collects the operating parameters of the customer's asphalt mixing plant through the PLC control system, and uses 3G wireless network communication to realize the data communication transmission in the system. The establishment of remote assistance diagnosis center can realize real-time monitoring of equipment, remote diagnosis, early warning of faults, upgrading of control system and other services

in this project, tietuo machinery independently developed the operation interface and conversion server with poor adhesion with printing paper for remote diagnosis and data collection. How to detect the soft shock of anti-theft door in remote assistance service? It is responsive to the after-sales service of construction machinery, but it has the advantages of fast speed, high work efficiency, reducing customer downtime losses, improving work efficiency, reducing maintenance costs and so on. At the same time, it also makes after-sales engineers more targeted in dealing with problems

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