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The tile shaft electrical expert let the production line full of vitality

enter the tile shaft automobile bearing factory, the machine roared, one equipment was running nervously, and sun Shengtong and his apprentice were debugging the equipment on the production line

"we carry out pre inspection and pre repair on each production line one by one every week, focusing on the inspection of equipment operating system, lubrication system, transmission system, protection system and electrical system. First, according to the force value of the inspected section, we will replace and repair the tooling and parts that have reached the maintenance and scrap in advance." Sun Shengtong said that since last year, the orders in the automotive bearing market have increased, and the equipment on the production line is running at full capacity. If you don't pay attention to it, it will cause failure, and the failure of one equipment will cause the shutdown of the whole production line

tile axis electrical expert makes the production line full of vitality

nearly 40 years of work experience has made sun Shengtong, who came out of the countryside with only a junior high school education, grow into a senior technician who is good at electrical, mechanical and other maintenance and transformation. He has won honors such as national technical expert, national model worker, national top ten pacesetters of self-taught talents of employees, the second prize of electronic technology promotion of the national science and Technology Commission, and enjoys the special allowance of the State Council

as the leader of the electrical maintenance team, sun Shengtong led the maintenance electrician to charge at the front line of production, maintenance and transformation at all times, and was on call in his work. His studio is filled with many electrical components, CNC systems, servo frequency conversion systems and bearing detection systems. "Each equipment has more than a dozen more complex components that need to be repaired and maintained. Take the control system as an example. Among the more than 1000 equipment in the factory, Siemens has two common types of tensile machine CNC systems, FANUC CNC system and Mitsubishi CNC system. It is much more difficult to repair and maintain most of the pore sizes in the materials are in nano scale." Sun Shengtong said that the longer the production task is, the more the maintenance must keep up. "The most important thing for the maintenance of equipment is to realize the replacement of imported components with domestic components. Many imported components are extremely expensive, such as the electric contacts of counters produced in Italy. The imported ones cost 18000 yuan. If domestic replacement is used, it can save a lot of money and will not affect production." Sun Shengtong and his team members have achieved the replacement of imported domestic components of a variety of equipment, broken the technical blockade of foreign manufacturers, and mastered the independent maintenance technology of all equipment electrical components of world-famous brands

"there is no post station on the road of innovation, and we must constantly strive to forge ahead." Sun Shengtong always said this to his disciples and team members. In recent years, the company has comprehensively upgraded the automobile bearing production line. Sunshengtong led the team members and machine tool manufacturers to jointly design, install and debug multiple production lines, which have the functions of automatic feeding, digital grinding, cleaning, demagnetization, automatic lettering, automatic detection and digital control, which comprehensively improved the quality of automobile bearing products and increased the production efficiency by 24%. He also jointly designed, manufactured, installed and debugged the second generation wheel hub bearing production line with foreign companies to achieve one-time grinding, which effectively solved the quality difficulties that plagued the upgrading of bearings

sun Shengtong has always been wrong to shake hands with the shopkeeper, "the job of maintenance electrician is to be willing to learn and do more. I'm 58 years old, and I'm still learning constantly, tracking the production site every day." Every equipment in the factory has its own characteristics. As long as there is new equipment, we should learn from the beginning, starting from the review of drawings, until installation, debugging, programming, etc. we will discuss it together. Sun Shengtong also used his spare time to carry out more than 100 class hours of training at the production site, focusing on Electrical and mechanical maintenance skills and teaching them with all his money. The national 4, heat-resistant family skill master studio under its leadership has actively played a leading role in technological innovation, scientific and technological research and the inheritance of unique skills, and has become the cradle of the growth of tile axis skilled talents. Taoshihan, a college student apprentice, said, "the master requires us to be serious and rigorous in work, study hard and work hard, often open a 'small stove' for us in technology, and solve our problems in life." Another college student apprentice, Liu Kecheng, also said, "the master has always insisted on learning endlessly, and his exquisite skills and craftsman spirit of being good at overcoming difficulties are examples for us to learn."

in this regard, sun Shengtong said with a smile, "I just like the work of electrician, love my post and pass it on well. To be a good electrician, I have to transform the field technology, adjust the field equipment, solve the field problems, and do more at all times. I hope that more people can grow up in practice."

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