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Wazhou group commended "the most beautiful team leader"

in order to better focus on front-line teams and team leaders, feel the feelings and pursuit of Wazhou people, encourage employees to strive for excellence, and promote the innovative development of the company, Wazhou group held a commendation meeting for "the most beautiful team leader" in the engineering center on November 18. Yu Shujun, vice chairman of Dalian Federation of trade unions, and other leaders, leaders of Wazhou group, and representatives of trade union chairmen and team leaders of all units attended the commendation meeting

the first selection activity of "the most beautiful team leader" of Wazhou group was launched through extensive publicity, according to Moco, an analyst of media broadcasting and lithium industry of the group company. A total of more than 40000 people paid attention to this activity. A batch of training time working in the production line made operators and maintenance personnel reach the level of independent operation; Ordinary team leaders have become stars in the hearts of employees, and 10 first-line excellent team leaders have won the first "most beautiful team leaders". On the scene of the commendation meeting, the responsibilities and responsibilities of the team leader were further explained by playing the video introduction of the team leader, issuing the award speech and on-site interview, showing the style of the company's contemporary team leader, which resonated with the on-site audience. Representatives of national model workers, retired comrades, and leaders of award-winning team leaders awarded the first "most beautiful team leaders" of Wazhou

Yu Shujun, vice chairman of Dalian Federation of trade unions, delivered a speech. She said that the tile axis has a long history and profound cultural heritage, and has made important contributions to the development of China's equipment manufacturing industry. The vast number of employees of the company fully carry forward the fine traditions of the working class, actively participate in the main battlefield of enterprise production and operation with a high sense of ownership and full labor enthusiasm, and a large number of model figures have emerged, condensing the positive development energy of Wazhou people who are brave in challenges and willing to contribute. Yu Shujun hopes that the Wazhou labor union will build a platform for employees to grow and become talents, and vigorously cultivate, select and publicize BOE Chen Yanshun and TCL Group Li Dongsheng. They also have different opinions on passing on excellent skilled workers, increasing incentive mechanisms, opening innovative green channels, and turning more technological achievements into productivity; We should carry forward the spirit of craftsmen and polish the gold lettered signboard of "intelligent manufacturing in Dalian" with the goal of cultivating tile shaft craftsmen; We should care for employees, provide accurate services, do a good job in delivering warmth, and timely transmit the care of the superior organization and the well-being of the enterprise to employees. (this article is from the tile shaft)

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