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Tigax 2006 Taipei international printing press exhibition was successfully concluded. On September 20, 2006, the 11th "tigax 2006 Taipei international printing press Exhibition" was held at Taipei World Trade Center. A group of seven people, including the chairman of the Hong Kong Society of graphic arts, Tan lizhuan, the voluntary secretary, Yang Weiwen, the public relations director, Lin he'an, and the executive member, Li Yucai, were invited to visit the Hong Kong Society of graphic arts. According to their understanding, they stopped by to visit their Taiwan counterparts and made timely adjustments

there are nearly 600 booths in this exhibition, which is only 45% larger than tigax04 two years ago. It is a small-scale exhibition in history. However, in addition to Fujifilm, Agfa and Konica, Kodak also exhibited together in Creo. It is obvious that many digital printing products have been strengthened in graphic communication. HP computer company has launched indigo series and electronic ink color printers in a big battle, The large-scale exhibition of the Designjet series for saiangel's large-scale inkjet printers and digital proofing represents the transformation of the market. These world-class super large companies have turned to visible and tangible explicit media output equipment and consumables to strive for a broader market under the weakness of implicit information products of computers, optical discs and disks

tigax 06 is the first opportunity to rebound. This year, there are also many print media and periodicals, including the executive unit of printers' magazines, design impression, Chinese and foreign publishing, printing research center, China Economic and Social Council, the first golden seal award, and the founding drupa08 exhibition and Kaisen Kuala Lumpur Exhibition in Malaysia. The white gauze paper products, Chenghan printing, Jianming art, etc. printed by Luo represent another business opportunity in the printing industry. Print management has Hongda Technology, and printing management and software have Jinhui technology and winner information. In addition to the plate making machine on the screen tp344 Di machine, the Shinohara four-color machine is also on display, and three two will also be on display. Mitsubishi Heavy Industry, Akiyama, Hamada, KBA and Xinjin iron plant also have service personnel, with CIP4 as the demand, to provide services for the demanders. For a long time, there are importers Xinyin paper industry, Heyin paper industry, Shangju paper industry, Taiwan Longmeng production of petrochemical paper Fiber free and dedicated to environmental protection

in the overall economic environment, due to political difficulties, economic policies inclined to the so-called high-tech, and the fact that goods personnel on both sides of the Strait cannot flow in both directions, at least if the ban on professionals and capable purchasers to come to Taiwan can be lifted, it is believed that the popularity of Taipei international exhibitions, including tigax, will increase dramatically. Many Taiwan importers believe that there is no connection to the Chinese market, which is believed to be a serious disregard, How many heads of Taiwan businessmen came back to find good equipment and materials to be taken from Taiwan to the mainland for use. Heidelberg and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Taiwan Co., Ltd. received a considerable number of Chinese installation orders, because customers trust the installation technology of Taiwan technicians, and the basic setting work is done well. Even if they come to China for support in the future, it is more reliable. After all, this is the accumulation of knowledge formed by Taiwan's printing industry under the conditions of high requirements and service capabilities. They are looking forward to the melting of ice between the two sides of the Strait, and hope that Taiwan will not be outside the general trend of the world's regional economy. They are convinced that only in this way can Taiwan's economy improve and everyone can rebound from the bottom

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