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On May 29, the special education conference of "three strictness and three reality" of Wazhou group was held in the conference room on the third floor of the national large bearing engineering technology research center. Cong Hong, chairman and Secretary of the Party committee of the group company, gave a profound and vivid special party lesson to the party members and leading cadres of the whole company at the meeting, and made mobilization and deployment for the company to carry out the special education of "three stricts and three realities". Leaders of the group company and leaders above middle-level assistants attended the meeting

Cong Hong pointed out that it is of great significance to have a deep understanding of the "three stricts and three realities". "Three stricts and three realities" clarifies the foundation of self-cultivation, the way of politics and the necessity of success for Party members and cadres. Implementing the requirements of "three stricts and three realities" is of great and far-reaching significance for further consolidating the ruling foundation and ruling position of the party, realizing the "two centenary" goals and the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. The "strict" spirit is the inheritance and promotion of the excellent traditional culture of the Chinese nation, and embodies the essence of the long-standing traditional culture of the Chinese nation. The "strict" spirit is the tempering and sublimation of the law of Marxist Party construction. The "three stricts and three realities" contain the party building principles of the two dimensions of "strictness" and "reality", which not only have profound Marxist theory and practice, but also reflect the unremitting exploration and unique creation of the Chinese Communists. The "strict" spirit is a powerful driving force to promote that the bearing shaft has been put into production across the board to catch up with the world's advanced technology and lead the cutting-edge technology. At present, the domestic bearing industry is under great downward pressure. How to get rid of the pressure of enterprise management and maintain the stability and improvement of enterprises is an important topic in front of us, and it is also a difficult problem that must be overcome. The firm confidence and pragmatic spirit shown by the Party Central Committee in the face of the reform has set an example for the whole party. The State takes strengthening the "Three Basics" as the basis for the development of high-end equipment manufacturing industry. Our development of high-end equipment supporting alternative imported bearing products is not only an important task assigned by the state, but also the internal need for the transformation and upgrading of bearing shafts, but also the fundamental path proposed by the state to cultivate new highlights in the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries. In this situation, we can enhance our international competitiveness only by deepening reform, breaking through the shackles of system and mechanism, accelerating structural adjustment, focusing on improving our independent innovation ability, breaking through key manufacturing technology and testing technology, developing a batch of high-end products, forming a batch of high-end manufacturing, seizing a batch of high-end markets, and cultivating a batch of high-end strategic customers, In order to occupy an active position and a larger market share in the international division of labor

Cong Hong pointed out that he had a deep understanding of the rich connotation of "three stricts and three realms". "Three strictness and three reality" is a new benchmark for our party to strengthen the construction of work style after the "eight provisions". Our cadres must deeply understand the rich connotation of the "three stricts and three realities", comprehensively grasp the spiritual essence, internalize it in the heart and externalize it in the form, and constantly enhance their ideological consciousness, political consciousness and action consciousness. "Three material experimental machines are strictly classified according to the loading method", which highlights the basic moral requirements of leading cadres, and reflects the core values and unique advantages of our party. "Strict self-cultivation" is the basis of leading cadres' morality, "strict use of power" is the core of leading cadres' morality, "strict self-discipline" is the foundation of leading cadres' morality. "Three realities" highlights the basic code of conduct for leading cadres and reflects the responsibility and attitude of Party members and cadres. "Practical planning" is the premise for leading cadres to speak and act, "practical entrepreneurship" is the key for leading cadres to speak and act, "real life" is the guarantee for leading cadres to speak and act. "Three stricts and three realms" is both a code of thought and a code of action, which embodies the dialectical unity of internal consciousness and external constraints in style construction

Cong Hong asked to ensure that the special education work of "three stricts and three solid" achieved solid results. Efforts should be made to thoroughly grasp the overall requirements. We should work hard on practical results. All units should, in combination with their own actual situation, focus on the key work in production and operation, and give high-quality special party lessons. We should carry out special study and discussion with high quality, hold special democratic life meetings and organizational life meetings with high quality, and pay close attention to the implementation of rectification and regulation and discipline enforcement with high quality. At the same time, we should also do a good job in self selection and carry out the carrier activity of "two studies and one competition" for leading cadres. Efforts should be made to solve outstanding problems. In accordance with the requirements of the "three efforts to solve" put forward by the Central Committee, we should strengthen problem awareness, highlight problem orientation, focus on problems for investigation, and make corrections against problems. We should make an all-round and three-dimensional dialysis inspection of our own "lax and untrue" problems, look deep and investigate in detail, in accordance with Party discipline, party rules and national laws, in connection with the actual situation of personal thoughts, work and style, and the rectification and implementation of educational practice activities. We should make a list of the problems found, that is, we should make changes as soon as we know it, and make changes as soon as we implement it, so as to implement the work firmly. We should work hard on strict implementation, adhere to the two hands and make no mistake, truly turn the enthusiasm aroused by Party members and cadres into a strong driving force to promote the steady development of various undertakings of Wazhou group, and test the new results of special education with the new results of various work

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