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Tiktok "smile scoring" special effect is popular. Artificial intelligence encourages users to show beauty

recently, there has been a trend of "smiling face" on Tiktok, and many users have taken videos to show their brightest smiles

The reason behind

is that Tiktok recently launched a special effect prop called "smile scoring". When you record a video, as long as you choose this prop, a score will pop up automatically above your face. Then the system will continuously adjust the score through face recognition technology. The happier you laugh, the higher the score will be

as of December 4, the number of times the special effect prop has been used has exceeded 1million, and more than 1.1 billion videos have been played in the "see how many points you can laugh" on the related topic page of the three working meetings. Friends show their smiles in different ways. Young girls smile with their girlfriends, and their scores are higher than each other; Students who are tired of learning have a rest, push their glasses, and continue to struggle after smiling; A sweet girl, at first, smiled slightly, and her score gradually changed from 20 points to 100 points. The screen instantly rose with six special effects rainbow. Outdoors or at home, friends show their best in different places

"I can see a smile in your eyes", "I'm in a good mood when I see you smiling", "you cute ghost, please stop exuding charm", many friends also captured the beauty of those who smile and encouraged each other. On the Internet, this is undoubtedly a warm scene, which means that there is a window that can release and show positive energy, so that people can get spiritual rest from the fast-paced modern society, and invest in a better life with a fuller state. People can't be defeated by troubles. Happiness can be seen. This is the simple truth that "smile scoring" tells us

behind the popularity of "smile scoring" by users is the practical achievements of Tiktok in the field of artificial intelligence, and continues to try to bring more beauty to users with artificial intelligence technology. This special effect, first created by Tiktok, applies the face attribute recognition technology independently developed by the ByteDance artificial intelligence laboratory

on June 25 this year, ByteDance, the parent company of Toutiao and Tiktok, announced the launch of the AR special effect platform Byted effect, which has opened three modules: face detection, beauty and filter

according to the person in charge of Tiktok, Byted e performs real-time closed-loop control of the experimental process according to the amount set by the user. Effect is independently developed by the image algorithm engineering team of the ByteDance Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (AI Lab). It runs stably on products with more than 100 million dau, and has the characteristics of high speed and low power consumption. The face detection module adopts the AI Lab self-developed algorithm, which can accurately locate 106 points, accurately detect the face contour and features, and recognize the six actions of closing eyes, opening mouth, shaking head, nodding and eyebrow provocation. Due to the low risk of establishing a recycled plastic particle factory, there are six kinds of actions: beeping. The calculation of the above face detection module is completely real-time, takes up less computing resources, and can be adapted to low-end models with hundreds of yuan. Moreover, face detection algorithm can adapt to complex environment, even if the recognized object wears glasses, it can still work normally

relying on the above technology, "smile scoring" brings users a new experience and encourages everyone, men, women, old and young, to record their best moments through Tiktok. All along, Tiktok has been pursuing the goal of "recording a better life", hoping to let users record and share beautiful moments in life through Tiktok, so that the beauty scattered in time can be seen

Zhang Nan, President of Tiktok, once shared the original intention of developing Tiktok, hoping to bring a good feeling to every user, "Everyone is not an individual, not an island. Tiktok not only hopes to help you record a better life, but also hopes to check whether the friction moving parts should be lubricated; help you share and flow these beautiful moments, to warm those who love us and let more people find those little beauties in life."

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