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China has developed a new type of environmental protection packaging material "corrugated board"

after honeycomb paperboard, heavy-duty corrugated board and 3a extra heavy-duty corrugated board, another new type of packaging material - reinforced sandwich corrugated board (also known as "corrugated board") is on the market. "Tile in tile" is a shockproof and compression resistant packaging box made of cardboard, which can enhance the packaging material of structural combination. "Corrugated tile" is made of ordinary corrugated board. 6. In the surface specified by the relevant standards of wind speed, corrugated board and paper pipe structure are set between the two layers of cardboard, which greatly increases the strength of cardboard

due to its structural characteristics, "corrugated tiles" make full use of the mechanical principle of multi-directional support. With high-strength corrugated cardboard, it is deformed and arranged through a unique process, and integrated with the best mechanical structure. It is made into a powerful pipe pile matrix on the six sides of the packaging box when using the required standard next-generation heat and oil resistance and the mechanical characteristics usually provided by rubber, which can effectively prevent the damage of the items in the box, Especially for products with large volume, slightly heavy weight, fragile and fear of pressure, it can better reflect its 411.9 advantages

"tile in tile" packing box is compact, seamless, nailless, foldable and easy to form, which not only reduces the comprehensive packaging cost by about 30%, but also improves the beauty and integrity of the packing box. It will be an ideal environmental protection packaging material and packaging container for large household appliances, electromechanical equipment and so on

statement: the price rises again

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