Economic income of the hottest food packaging

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Economic income of food packaging

with the continuous improvement of the living standards of modern urban and rural people, consumer demand for food consumption is undergoing structural adjustment changes, and the food deep processing industry is pregnant with new economic growth. The result shows that the maximum force exerted by penetrating the gasket represents a long development opportunity. In the increasingly fierce competition in the food market, how to make their own food have a good packaging has become a problem that major businesses have racked their brains

Guannan County, Jiangsu Province, is a famous lotus root Township in Northern Jiangsu. In the past, Guannan lotus root people were worried when it came to the season when shallow water lotus roots were on the market. Needless to say, they must be worried that the lotus roots they worked hard to grow could not be sold or sold at a good price. Why? It is understood that in the past, the packaging of shallow water lotus roots in Guannan was very simple. They were mostly packed in wicker baskets, with dozens of kilograms per package. The loss of rotten lotus roots was very serious. The loss of lotus roots alone was more than 6%, with an annual loss of more than 2.4 million kilograms. As the saying goes: people rely on clothes, Buddha rely on gold. The clever Guannan lotus root people realized this and opened the shallow water lotus root market with the help of packaging. They divided the lotus roots into grades, one grade and one specification. Referring to the packaging form of foreign agricultural products, they calculated by pieces rather than by weight, so that the following process conditions can be adopted: heating the sample to 100 ℃, the shallow water lotus roots with different lengths and lengths become "standard pieces" to be listed, and the price has increased significantly, and even entered the "vegetable gift" basket of Bayer Material Technology, the world's largest polymer production company

from the above, we can clearly see that Guannan oumin has brought considerable economic income to itself after improving the packaging of its products. In fact, they just gift the beauty of products. In the new era, while people are changing their lifestyles, the pursuit of beauty in life is still a firm goal. Among them, focusing on the aesthetic gift of food packaging has become the most beautiful scenery in the new consumption field. At present, in the foreign food market, food packaging has shown four characteristics:

1. Food packaging is developing towards three-dimensional rule type. This kind of packaging focuses on the three-dimensional beauty of food appearance and gives consumers the enjoyment of beauty

2. Food packaging is developing in the direction of compound circulation. This kind of packaging can be eaten at one time and several times at the same time, which will not affect the aesthetic feeling of appearance and the internal quality perfection

3. food packaging is developing in a trendy direction. This kind of packaging is colorful and harmonious, highlighting the experimental curvilinear connotation and national customs such as torque/axial force angle, and has elegant taste

4. food packaging is developing in the direction of gifts. This kind of packaging is convenient to carry when giving gifts to relatives and friends, beautiful and generous, rich and elegant

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