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Tiger color group will create a chain kingdom of cultural goods in China. Where there are schools, there are Tiger color stationery stores. Recently, Tiger color group, which focuses on traditional printing projects, announced to the outside world that it will spend more than five years to create China's most successful chain kingdom of student stationery and become the Watsons in the industry

recently, in Humen Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, several new student stationery stores called Tiger color have been opened, which can buy all school supplies. For a long time, Tiger color has been engaged in the manufacturing of industrial products, especially in the printing industry, and its brand popularity is quite high. The transition from product manufacturing to consumer retail enterprises is a major change in the business model of tiger lottery. Ran Xinquan, general manager of Hucai Stationery Co., Ltd., said that the number of Hucai stationery chains has reached 87, mainly distributed in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Shunde and other places. In the future, Hucai stationery stores, including lightweight materials, long glass fiber reinforced PP materials, spray free materials, low odor materials, new energy vehicle materials, will expand exponentially in three years, Songlilu, the chairman of Qingdao sairuida Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd., said in an interview that in more than years, the brand of hucaiwen will be built into Watsons in the stationery retail industry

ran Xinquan believes that at present, the student stationery industry is still in a chaotic stage, and it is the future trend for the industry to face industrial integration. Ran Xinquan said that Meiyijia is the best developed chain convenience store in the Pearl River Delta, and its market positioning is to be a chain of standardized grocery stores

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