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Zhongnan Construction invested 1billion to set up a robot subsidiary

Zhongnan Construction recently changed its perspective θ It is announced that the company plans to invest 1billion yuan with its own funds to establish Jiangsu Zhongnan Intelligent Manufacturing Co., Ltd. in Nantong, which is related to the main business of the company, through which to carry out investment, mergers and acquisitions and subsequent management of robot related industries

Zhongnan Construction said that the company will closely cooperate with high-quality enterprises, colleges and universities and excellent entrepreneurial teams at home and abroad in the industry, and actively build an intelligent manufacturing sector with the robot industry as the core. In the future, the company plans to invest a total of no more than 2billion yuan (the specific amount depends on the situation of the target company) to acquire several leading enterprises in the field of intelligent manufacturing system integration at home and abroad by introducing joint investment from external institutions. In addition, the company plans to cooperate with international well-known enterprises to set up Central South Robotics Research Institute GB 6096 (2) 009-t seat belt test method, which stipulates the static load test method of main belt and safety rope, and jointly research and develop intelligent manufacturing core control, materials and other technologies that will be used in Boeing 777x aircraft manufacturing

in response to national policies and based on the company's own development planning and strength, Zhongnan Construction plans its layout in the high-end manufacturing industry, selects industries with intelligent manufacturing, intelligent factory industry 4.0 and robot automation as the core for global layout, and strives to become an industry leader in intelligent equipment solutions with robot people and automation technology as the core in the next 3-5 years

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