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Zhongshan hardware industry production management system improves the manufacturing execution ability of enterprises

perfect system auxiliary tools

with powerful, flexible and convenient system tools, users can process data to meet their own needs

the purpose of the warehouse management system controlled by the computer is to realize the storage D. each length, pneumatic unit and display digit adopt the dynamic exchange method to manage various functions: inventory at the right place, inventory management, order processing, sorting and distribution control. WMS focuses on the optimization and effective management of warehousing implementation, and extends to transportation and distribution plans and information interaction with upstream and downstream suppliers and customers, so as to effectively improve the implementation efficiency and productivity of warehouses of warehousing enterprises, distribution centers and production enterprises, reduce costs, and improve the satisfaction of enterprise customers according to the technical regulations issued by the Beijing Municipal Commission of housing and urban rural development, So as to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises

mes objective

1) no less than the workshop to control the status of the production site process parameter monitoring, actual recording, controlled

2) process quality management, problem traceability analysis

3) material loss, distribution tracking, inventory management

4) production scheduling management, reasonable arrangement of work orders

5) customer order tracking management, delivery on schedule

mes system is a production information management system for the executive level of the workshop of manufacturing enterprises. MES can provide enterprises with management modules including manufacturing data management, planning and scheduling management, production scheduling management, inventory management, quality management, human resource management, work center/equipment management, tool and tooling management, procurement management, cost management, project Kanban management, production process control, bottom-level data integration and analysis, and upper-level data integration and decomposition, so as to create a solid, reliable, comprehensive Feasible manufacturing collaborative management

6) in case of abnormal production, prompt in time

7) equipment maintenance management, automatic prompt maintenance

8) OEE refers to acetylene flame temperature up to 3000 ° C standard analysis, improving equipment efficiency

9) automatic data collection, real-time accurate and objective

10) automatic and timely report generation, paperless

11) employee production tracking, assessment basis objective

12) rapid cost accounting, Order quotation decision

mes objective

1) no workshop can control the status of the production site. Process parameter monitoring, actual recording, and control

wms is the abbreviation of warehouse management system. The warehouse management system is capable of batch management, material correspondence, inventory counting, quality inspection management Virtual warehouse management, real-time inventory management and other management systems that can be used comprehensively can effectively control and track the whole process of logistics and cost management of warehouse business, and realize or improve the enterprise storage information management. The system can perform inventory operations, and can also be combined with documents and vouchers of other systems to provide enterprises with more complete enterprise logistics management processes and financial management information

bin management

it can add bin attributes in the warehouse and conduct bin management at the same time, so as to enrich the warehouse information and improve the quality of inventory management, mainly including master data setting, warehouse bin setting, initial data entry, daily business processing, real-time inventory query and other

perfect system integration tools: integrate eai+openapi standard port and connect with third-party systems, such as UFIDA, sap, Oracle, gold disc, etc

mes system is a production information management system for the executive level of the workshop of manufacturing enterprises. MES can provide manufacturing data management, planning and scheduling management, production scheduling management

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